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Warflex: Scratch Nerds 2 (iOS and Android)

Warflex: Scratch Nerds 2 (iOS / Android)

“The Speed Booster is the perfect way to train and get faster! I wish we had this instead of moving the pitch fader when we first started out!” – DJ QBert

“I always wanted to help DJs train continuously with no breaks, furthering their skills beyond what they thought they are capable of doing.” – Yogafrog

Warflex: Scratch Nerds 2 is the ultimate training tool for DJ’s, just plug your Android device into your mixer and turn up the volume! Craze and Klever drop 10 next-level beats for the ultimate skratch practice! Train non-stop until your skratching skills are honed to perfection! With a variable pitch control that has a range of +50%/-50% , you will be able to test your funky skills at whatever BPM is thrown at you! Plus, the Qbert Skratch University training tool SPEED BOOSTER raises the speed 1% every 20 seconds for skratch execution and timing mastery! This app is perfect for speed training in any skill: DJ’ing, MC’ing, Breakdancing, playing an instrument, or any sport!

10 Scratch beats by DJ Craze and DJ Klever

Pitch Adjust +50% / -50%

Powered by Speed Booster Technology – The same technology used by DJ QBert to train and refine skratch techniques and enhance speed control!

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Unity 3d Development, 2d/3d Design

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Thud Rumble, Ltd.

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